Weight Loss – how to diet

One of my sons recently made the slightly cutting observation that I’d been on a diet for as long as he’s know me but never seemed to lose weight. He’s right, I’ve spent the last 20 years yo-yoing and the pounds have slowly crept on until the scales have tipped 12 stone. I have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that I can’t get into and I don’t have the heart to chuck them so this is my commit-to-paper opportunity to do something about it.

My problem with most diets is that they’re too prescriptive, often faddish, full of food I don’t like and wouldn’t normally eat and as soon as I stop dieting the weight piles back on.
Last year I spent a lot of money buying access to the ‘metabolic balance diet’ This has been hailed as the go-to weight loss diet for stars like Sam Smith and James Corden. In fairness, they’ve both lost a shed load of weight but unless you have a celebrity-like loaded purse then in my view, it’s a very expensive way to be told not to eat much. I hated it, I just can’t eat cheese or chicken for breakfast everyday and I loathe avocados all of which were deemed my essential diet foods. It had cost me so much that I stuck with it and lost 8lbs but as soon as I stopped back came the weight.

I’m starting 2017 with a desire to do something that works and lose a stone or more AND KEEP IT OFF. This has become increasingly difficult since I hit the menopause, not only is the weight harder to shift but every single extra pound goes straight to my midriff changing my body shape beyond recognition.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to try some different approaches, I’ll let you know how I get on!

Penny x


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