No matter what the diet plan, at it’s simplest, the process of losing weight boils down to nothing more scientific than eat less and do more. It should be so easy, but we spend our lives searching for the miracle of the ultimate diet plan – you know the one I mean – the effortless, never feel hungry, can eat chocolate and drink red wine one.  The reality is that whatever diet we choose, our long term success is entirely driven by our habits and thoughts.

My internal dialogue around weight-loss is currently so negative that I’m leaving myself with almost no other option than failure and that’s what I need to sort before I have any chance of real success.

American writer Kristen Braziel says “You have to change the way you think about weight loss. The tendency is to view the weight loss process as a combination of ultra-strict rules about eating, unrealistic rules about exercise, and that you’re “bad” or “cheating” if you don’t stick exactly to those rules. It’s about feeling good. It’s about feeling healthy, alert, energetic, and then once the weight starts coming off: proud, accomplished, confident, capable, strong. Getting your mind right is the key. But it’s also the hardest part.”

I couldn’t agree more, and that’s why in the past my most successful attempts at dieting have involved a support community like weight-watchers. When I’m down a stone I’m probably not ‘thin’ by most peoples standards but I feel great – more confident, sexier, happier. It’s kind of like the feeling I had as a teenager on a first date – if they bottled it I’d buy it. It makes it hard to understand why I don’t just get on and shift that stone, it’d only take a couple of months…