I’ll wear what makes me feel great – if only I knew what that was

I have a desire to become fashionably edgy as I get older – it’s sort of that whole ‘when I’m old I shall wear purple’ vibe. a denial if you like of my approaching antiquity and a wish to still be in the game.

The thing is, I’m finding it really hard to achieve and when I think about it, the reality is that ‘edgy’ is not a look I ever did – not even in my 20’s. I was always a classic girl but the lilac cardi and pearls that looked very Jackie O when I was younger now just look boring and granny-like.

I was listening to interior designer Kelly Hoppen being interviewed and she made the point that we are habit forming creatures, that we put the same sort of flowers in the same vase in the same place on the same table and that sometimes we just have to clear the decks and start re-imagining.

It made me think about the way I dress and the ‘uniforms’ I have. I tend to buy versions of the same thing over and over again because it’s easy and it’s safe – if it ain’t broke why fix it? But, the thing is that it’s BORING and ends up making me feel dull and unimaginative and actually kind of old and therin lies the issue – how do I move forward sartorially?

There’s an overwhelming need for comfort (oh God, I can’t believe I said that) and gone are the days of tripping round town in my 5 inch heels. When I was in my thirties and forties and having an ‘on-it’ day, I felt great and got lots of positive attention – nice feeling. Now I’m in my fifties I’d still like to get a bit of that but I’m too self conscious to risk getting it wrong (the dreaded mutton). I know I probably shouldn’t care, but I do.

The stuff we put on our backs sends out all sorts of messages to other people so of course, there’s an element of getting those messages right and to be (dare I say it) age appropriate. In my book, it’s how what we wear makes us feel about ourselves that matters most.

I want to feel good in my clothes, even if I’m at home rather than out and about because I really believe that being bothered has an effect on my self esteem. I’ve gotten a bit lazy and a bit stuck so I may need to find one or two role models but ┬ámy 2017 resolve is to re-imagine my wardrobe, play with style and push the boundaries a bit because I’m definitely not going down without a fight…


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