When I was working as a stylist, one of the first things I did with a new client was to help her understand the best colours to wear. This was really important because it bought confidence and helped build a much more individual and adventurous wardrobe. As we age, getting colour right becomes even more important because using the right sort of colour, especially next to the face, is as good as a mini facelift.

There are lots of things to take into consideration but the first and probably most important is to get an idea of your best tones of colour. so here are my top tips on how to work that out:



  • Sit in front of a mirror in good daylight when you have no make up on, is your natural skin tone yellowy and warm or blue and cool? If you’re ‘warm’ then you may have coppery or red tones in your hair and yellow or warmth in your eye colour. ‘Cools’ will have ashy tones in their hair and cooler, grey toned eyes.
  • Hold something that’s bright white under your chin, close your eyes, when you open them can you see shadows under your eyes? Does the white make you look washed out and grey or does it make your eyes look bright and awake and your skin look clear? Now hold something cream and do the same. Which looks better? If you prefer the white then you’re more likely to suit cooler tones. If the cream looks better then warmer shades will probably work better for you.
  • Find a shop that has a good range of colours (Uniqlo is a good option) and take a friend for a second opinion then hold different colours up to your face working out which suit you best. When a colour works well, it gives you a glow and somehow pulls things into focus – you look healthy and clear skinned.
  • Gather together the colours that have worked best for you and take a photo of the palette so that you have a record of your colours. It should be pretty clear whether they are a range of warm or cool colours.

If you’re ‘warm’ then great colours for you are oranges, yellow toned reds, rusts and pinks, teals, warm greens and khaki. Good neutrals are browns, warm navy, camel, beige and cream.

If you’re ‘cool’ then your go-to colours are likely to be blues, emerald green, burgundy, cool pinks, purples and lilac. Good neutrals would be black, grey, navy and white.