Anti aging skin-care for women over 50

Best anti aging skin care

I was a teenager in the 70’s way before we had all learned the wisdom of ‘keep covered’. I can remember friends using what was tantamount to salad dressing on their skins, sitting with silver foil wrapped around an LP cover to reflect and intensify the sun. It’s no wonder a lot of us ended up with those little brown marks lovingly referred to as ‘age spots’.

I’ve tried a variety of anti aging skin care, here are some that I’ve found to be effective. My strong advice is don’t EVER go to anyone other than a well respected dermatologist for this sort of thing – your skin and especially your face, is far too precious to risk anything but the best.


IPL (intense pulsed light) generally several sessions are required. The treatment can be a little uncomfortable, it feels like an elastic band snapping against the skin. After treatment, the pigment rises to the surface of the skin so for a few days the marks appear to be darker although this can be covered by make up. IPL  works well but unless I’m obsessive about sun protection the marks come back pretty quickly.


Cryotherapy (freezing) feels quite scary as the dermatologist comes towards you with a nitrogen gun. This works really, really well but somehow feels a bit primitive plus there’s a downtime of 7-10 days because the marks go dark brown and scab before disappearing and leaving fresh skin underneath.

Anti aging skin creams

Obagi ( is a professional product prescribed by dermatologists. If you want an anti aging treatment that doesn’t require endless trips to a clinic then this is pretty good.  It’s not cheap and the treatment protocol I used took some perseverance but it worked well for me. I do know a few people who gave up on the regime because you have to go through a phase where your skin becomes dry and peels, so my recommendation would be to buy the travel kit supplemented with the extra products your dermatologist recommends. That way, you can try it without a massive investment.

What else works?

I’m recommending products and treatments that I’ve personally experienced but would love to learn about what’s worked for you so please email me or leave a comment with any suggestions.


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