About Me

My Mother used to tell me that I’d get to 70, still feel 20 and wonder where all those years had gone – I thought she was mad but as I hurtle ever onward through my fifties I’ve started to realise that she knew what she was talking about.

I don’t feel that old, I certainly haven’t become particularly wise or mature…I have stupid thoughts, I sulk and lose my temper over inconsequential perceived slights, I’m hardly fit to join the grown up world and yet I’m grey and have grown up kids and the phrase ’empty-nester’ has become all too real. What the hell happened?

I’ve spent my whole working life as both a buyer and a stylist so I (should!) understand how to make fashion work and yet as I grow older I feel that somehow my options are closing down and I’m starting to lose my spark.

My blog is born from a desire to draw breath and reconnect in order to find the best that’s on offer out there. I want to be able to access great clothes, potions, lotions and wise advice that is pertinent to who I am now and will help me celebrate my age. I think there’s a bit of a ‘moment’ happening as we baby boomers grow older and our spending power increases.

I want to feel good, look great and be comfortable in a world that can sometimes seem only to idolise pert bottoms and wrinkle free skin.

Penny x